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UK heat recovery funding – IHRS Industrial heat recovery scheme

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Did you know that your company can receive up to 50% government funding when installing an industrial heat recovery system?

The program is called IHRS – or Industrial Heat Recovery Scheme – and within the program, a total of £18 million are available for funding. Of the £18 million, £6 million are earmarked for concept and design and £12 million are earmarked for installation, commissioning and monitoring.

A heat recovery project can receive funding at any stage – even at the consultant and analysis stage – all the way through to the final turn-key delivery. Funding applications are graded on a 0-to-10 scale.

The higher the score, the greater the funding potential. In order to be eligible for funding, the heat recovery system must be installed on an existing installation.

The project as a whole is graded based on energy benefit, kilowatt savings as well as environmental, economic and social impact and must achieve a minimum score of 5. It is a requirement that the recovered energy is used within the confines of the business.

At exodraft, we are ready to support you at any stage of the process:
• Funding application
• Heat recovery potential analysis
• Energy calculation
• Concept planning
• Complete system delivery
• Turn-key installation
• Order processing and project management
• Commissioning and ongoing energy optimisation

Contact us today – we are happy to advise you and help ensure the success of your heat recovery project.

IHRS (Industrial Heat Recovery Scheme) overview

  • Projects need to be completed by 2021.
  • 18m funding – 6m for concept and design 12m for install products commissioning and monitoring.
  • Can gain funding for any of the four stages enter at any stage and pull out at any stage. (pre checks need to be carried out if you want to enter on stage 2 onwards).
  • Funding is not an upfront payment.
  • Funding is paid in stages as the project progresses.
  • Max for design 450k. Tiered – max 50% of project over all costs.
  • Max for install 1.5m . Tiered up to 50% but max of 30% at 1.5m.
  • Existing installations only not for new build.
  • Energy saved must be used in the confines of the business (not for district heating).
  • Can charge a consultancy/design fee.
  • Funding applications starts Jan 2019 then windows are then specified.
  • Funding is based on a 0-10 basis with the higher score giving more funding potential, project must have a score of minimum 5 to progress.
  • Scores will be based on energy benefit, KW savings, environmental impact , economical impact, social impact. They are also very keen to understand how easily the situation can be replicated – obviously with a view to this being a platform to build off going forwards.
  • Each stage will be closely monitored to ensure that they are getting value for money.
  • IHRS also need to understand how the remainde of the project will be funded I.e it’s affordable to the recipient of funds.
  • Consultancy companies can be named on forms.
  • Example templates now available on web site on what the info requirement is.
  • TRL9 – technology readiness level – maturity of the technology which needs to have proven results.

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