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Paint and drying Plants

shutterstock drying facilities

Paint plants and drying ovens are used in many different industries. Common to both types of plants is that large amounts of energy are used for heating. Usually, excess heat is discharged from both the drying oven and the painting plant directly into the atmosphere.

The large amount of excess heat makes heat recovery very important. exodraft’s heat recovery units can be used to recover this waste heat and make good use of it in the production process, or other places such as for heating, bathing or cleaning.

Heat Recovery from Drying/Hardening Ovens

Paint plants and drying ovens use a heat source to dry or harden the items according to specifications. The heat can be electric or generated via combustion of e.g. gas or oil. Regardless of the type of drying or hardening oven, it always emits a certain amount of excess heat, either through flue gas or through radiating heat. These are a sources of waste heat that can be harvested.

This waste heat can be recovered by the exodraft heat recovery system and stored in hot water tanks for later use. The heat recovery system is both efficient and low maintenance as the heat is transferred to water, which in turn can be converted into heat energy for the factory or resold to the district heating network.

The heat recovered during this process can be continuously tracked and remotely monitored via exodraft Trendlog.  At the same time, the flue gases from the oven can be regulated by exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan, and with the help of optimal chimney draught, the oven can be optimised with this technology and further energy savings can be achieved. The mechanical exhaust fan technology can regulate the chimney draught and improve the oven’s efficiency by ensuring an optimal draught based on the oven’s specifications.

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Our team of experts can do measurements and analyse the paint, drying or hardening plant to predict the amount of energy that can be harvested. At the same time, the calculations can be used to calculate the payback period of the entire heat recovery system.

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