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Beverage Industry

Filling facilities for reusable bottles has always been a popular way to produce beverages with a high-quality standard and, thus, plays a huge part in protecting the environment and climate. To ensure the highest possible hygiene standards in processing and cleaning, the bottle producers usually use high temperatures.

The needed heat is generally provided by gas or oil boilers. Often, the exhaust gases with temperatures exceeding 200°C are simply vented through chimneys.

exodraft offers an efficient system to produce hot water through an optimally designed waste heat recovery system for burners between 60-1000kW. The exhaust gases are infodirectly vented through asynchronous plated heat exchangers that heat continuous water current provided through a buffer storage on the secondary side.

Our highly advanced hydraulic concept water can be heated up to 85°C in a very short timeframe. On the primary side of the system, exhaust gases are cooled to about 100°C.

A pressure-regulated exhaust gas ventilator optimizes the exhaust gas flow and runs the boiler on optimal economic levels. The stored heated water in the buffer is immediately available to support cleaning processes and process heat, or can simply be used to heat buildings.

System Solutions – Your Added Value

exodraft analyses and plans a system for existing and new facilities. With you or your system partners, we can realize your project and expertly commission the facility. Additionally, our maintenance support will cover you at all times.

Realization of heat recovery systems is possible on short notice and these systems have short amortization times in multiple-shift operations. Calculations for the amortization times are based on energy efficiency calculation software that has been tested and approved by the industry and various universities.

Our system solutions aside from chimney technologies encompass the integration of electrical and hydraulic components. This leads to a seamless installation and commissioning of existing and new boiler facilities.

Thanks to our low maintenance and high efficiency air/water heat exchangers, it is possible to realize maximum results for exhaust gases, as well as for vapour to re-use the extracted energy for your processes.

Knowledge and Experience – Your Advantage

exodraft is the leading and worldwide operating provider of heat recovery systems for exhaust gas and process heat. An important precondition for efficient heat recovery is exhaustive knowledge about chimney and combustion technologies. We have collected this experience in nearly 60 years of work in this field and it shows in our products.

exodraft offers the broadest and most modern product selection covering everything from exhaust gas ventilators, controls and heat exchangers to accessories. Exhaust gas ventilators from exodraft are suited for all kinds of fuels. In combination with highly efficient heat recovery systems, exodraft offers a unique energy usage concept. Not only an advantage for you, but for your environment as well.

Quality without compromises: Our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and stand for high safety standards, reliability and quality without compromises. exodraft’s market leading solutions define the standard for exhaust gas ventilators and heat recovery systems.

exodraft products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and adhere to national and international standards.

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