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Can Production

Can Production

A large proportion of the packaging for beverages and liquids in general consists of aluminium and steel cans. Packaging in metal cans provides great product safety, durability and hygiene. The aluminium can market is growing and production volume reached 300 billion cans in 2018. Heat energy is used in canning for, among other things, hardening, and energy consumption should be reduced by implementing heat recovery technology such as that provided by exodraft.


Aluminium cans can be recycled, and the raw material itself is sustainable when treated professionally and recycled continuously.

Heat Recovery from Treatment of Extraction Air

The production mostly involves cutting, marking and bending of aluminium or steel, and heat is used in the preparation and hardening of the can. The spent heat must be recovered with exodraft’s technologies and reused where it makes the sense.

Industrial canning plants are already using exhaust fan systems to ensure proper air flow in the factory. exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught enhances the company’s exhaust system, maintains indoor air quality and creates a basis upon which heat recovery can be quickly and easily incorporated.

There is also a great potential linked to the possibilities of waste heat recovery from the heat-hardening equipment, where heat recovery is built directly on pipes or chimneys.

exodraft’s heat recovery system recovers heat to be stored in hot water tanks for later use, as needed, in production, for industrial cleaning, as bathing and utility water, for heating, or sold to the district heating system.

Our team of experts would like to visit your company and look at the possibilities of reducing consumption of thermal energy and reducing the amount of wasted heat, without in any way interfering with the core performance of your company’s production.

exodraft’s heat recovery technologies are not only the most advanced on the market, they are also easy to use, providing full control and clear overview at all times.

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Energy recovered is energy saved. exodraft’s heat recovery and mechanical draught technologies will usually have paid themselves off in 2-3 years and make a long-term profit. Our team analyses, predicts, calculates, installs, commissions and maintains the systems while also providing fast and expert customer support.

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