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Aluminum Industry

Aluminum is a metal that finds widespread use for various purposes with very large market size. Heat energy is used in this industry and waste heat is generated, which is recoverable.

Mechanical chimney draft / stove control of stoves / fireplaces

Ovens and stoves require the supply of large amounts of fuel to generate large amounts of heat. If the draft in the chimney is not good, too much fuel is used and therefore loss. exodraft’s mechanical vacuum cleaner technology can optimize air flow by analyzing the air temperature, air pressure and wind conditions to regulate the chimney drag. Using this technology to regulate chimney drag can reduce fuel consumption and increase profits.

Heat recovery from furnaces / crucibles

Heat from furnaces and crucibles is used to treat aluminum, and part of the heat is discharged through the chimney. The heat in the flue gases from these furnaces can be absorbed and recovered by the exodraft heat recovery system.

This recovered heat can be stored in a hot water tank and recycled. The entire heat recovery process can be monitored and controlled as needed. The heat recovered from flue gases can be used in the same process or used elsewhere.

Heat stored in a water tank can also be used for e.g. cleaning, bathing water and heating. If the surplus heat cannot be used within the factory’s 4 walls, other options can be considered, such as selling the heat on to the district heating system.

Our team of experts can take measurements in connection with the aluminum processes and analyze the best possible use of the excess heat and find the optimal method for recycling waste heat.

Heat recovery saves energy and increases profits, and exodraft’s primary goal is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, thus consumption and emissions are appropriate for the required production. Let’s take a look and together we can find the various possibilities for energy optimization and heat recovery throughout the aluminum production.

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Heat recovery in the treatment of thermal exhaust air

The aluminum industry uses a lot of heat in different processes, and a lot of heat goes to waste as well. This waste heat from industrial flue gases can be recovered and recycled. exodraft’s heat recovery system can recover the heat from the exhaust and store this heat in hot water tanks.

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