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Heat Treatment Plants

Heat Treatment Plants

Heat treatment plants are used in numerous industries and processes to achieve specific physical and chemical reactions in materials. The size of the global heat treatment market was $ 90 billion in 2016 and is growing rapidly. 

Heat treatment plants require a large supply of heat energy and constitute a significant source for heat recovery. exodraft’s heat recovery and exhaust fan technology is applied today to heat treatment plants throughout most of Europe, for the benefit of the owners as well as the climate.

Mechanical Chimney Draught / Regulation of Chimney Draught for Heat Treatment in Tunnel Ovens

Tunnel ovens operate at very high temperatures and are used for production purposes in many types of industries. Tunnel ovens used for heat treatment transmit heat through natural or forced convection and also through radiant heat. After heat treatment of the material, the oven discharges the remaining heat through the chimney.

exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught are used to improve the efficiency of the oven by regulating the air flow. The type of exhaust fan technology / chimney draught implemented is adapted to the requirements of the oven and the type of material to be heat treated.

Mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught improves the oven’s efficiency by regulating air flow and monitoring temperature and air pressure.

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Heat Recovery From Tunnel Ovens for Heat Treatment

Tunnel ovens used in heat treatment plants use heat at high temperatures and emit hot flue gases. The heat from the flue gases can be recovered using exodraft’s heat recovery systems and can e.g. be stored in hot water containers.

Recovered heat can be re-used in the ovens again if the process allows this, reducing overall energy consumption. exodraft’s heat recovery systems are suitable for user-adapted installations with user-friendly displays and control units. The process can be monitored in real time from a computer.

Heat Recovery from Metal Sintering Processes

Metal sintering takes place at very high temperatures and during the process it is inevitable that heat is lost. exodraft’s heat recovery systems can be advantageously included in the metal sintering process so that the heat wasted through the flue gas is captured and used for a suitable purpose for heating or in the production process.

In addition to heat recovery from heat-consuming processes and flue gases, heat can also be recovered from the cooling processes that are another part of heat treatment plants. When heat-treated materials are cooled, large amounts of heat are released which should be recovered and used sensibly elsewhere.

The stored heat can be used in the processes themselves or for example for cleaning, bathing or utility water, or heating. Our team of experts will gladly attend on-site meetings and review industrial heat treatment plants to map the potential for heat recovery and energy reduction of the equipment that generates and consumes heat.

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