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Steam Heat Exchanger

In many industrial plants, steam is still conducted outside via the chimney. The heat and the associated energy are thus lost unused. Steam heat exchangers do just that, and they use the otherwise wasted energy and transfer it to a second medium. For example, they use the heat that can now be used to heat rooms or tools (etc.) in production.

So, use the excess heat from steam generation for heating and hot water heating. Modern companies are increasingly relying on heat recovery. Steam heat exchangers can be used selectively where a large amount of waste heat are generated.

A steam heat exchanger, for example, can significantly reduce the amount of heating energy required for your own premises or production processes – in most cases even saving them completely.

With the current state of the art, the plants can recover 96% of the energy in the waste heat. Makes your production more effective and economical. In addition to the savings in ever more expensive primary energy, you also save emissions. Your company not only saves money, but also reduces the ecological footprint.

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Damp heat exchanger in detail

Heat from furnaces usually only accumulates in “steam” for a short time. Special steam heat exchangers offer the right detailed solution to ensure that this energy is not lost due to regulation starting too slowly.

The waste heat flows through the heat exchanger through registers surrounded by the cooling medium, so energy can be absorbed and stored to a certain degree until the control starts. This solution does not waste thermal energy.

The high concentration of water vapour in the vapours generated by the furnace contributes to high efficiency. The warmer the flue air from the kiln and the cooler the water is, the greater the efficiency.

By the direct conversion close to the formation provide steam heat exchangers with the highest efficiency.

High-quality solutions from exodraft can be installed to save space. Depending on the application, only one heat exchanger is required for several furnaces.

Intended use of a steam heat exchanger

In contrast to the solutions commonly used in industry, such as flue gas or flue gas, the heating pressure or temperature of steam is often too low to be converted effectively.

Due to the amount of steam produced, a large amount of energy is still lost in most cases. With the help of a thermal compressor it is possible to harness the remaining thermal energy and transfer it to another medium for further use.

The thermal energy obtained is usually used for room heating or service water.

In addition to a significant reduction in energy consumption, heat recovery in industry also has other advantages.

Whether a larger heater or a new chiller – heat recovery can help in both situations and sometimes even replace dedicated machines. The investment in a steam heat exchanger is particularly worthwhile when there are large temperature differences.

exodraft also offers you special solutions that convert even small differences into usable energy. This can be achieved through extremely good efficiency and low power losses.

High-quality solutions from exodraft can be installed to save space. Depending on the application, only one heat exchanger is required for several furnaces.

Steam heat exchangers in practice

The main field of application for steam heat exchangers are ovens such as those found in bakeries. Breweries also use steam to preheat the wort. In contrast to heat exchangers installed in the fume cupboard, the efficiency of this method is significantly higher.

For this reason, many industries in which steam is generated already rely on heat exchangers from exodraft. For example, the paper industry uses drying cylinders that have to be heated with enormous amounts of steam.

This energy is temporarily stored on site and can therefore also be called up when no paper is being produced.

The advantages of a recovery system are obvious: primary energy from the electricity supplier is constantly becoming more expensive. The prices are volatile and often difficult to calculate.

By saving with the help of heat recovery from steam, your company becomes independent. The use of the energy already available in the company considerably reduces the need for primary energy.

By improving the energy balance, CO² emissions are also reduced. In addition to saving energy, a heat recovery system for industry is also environmentally friendly and therefore makes an early switch to heat recovery sensible.

A combination of heat recovery from flue gas and steam can drastically reduce the company’s energy consumption. In conjunction with a buffer storage tank, there is enough thermal energy available to heat or heat the service water even when the furnace is not in use. In most cases, external heaters can be dispensed with completely.

High safety, easy maintenance

Possible investments can be saved. There are no running costs for expensive auxiliary heaters. The purchase of an exodraft steam heat exchanger pays for itself within a very short time.

Simple maintenance and long intervals are particularly important in the food and beverage industry.

The exodraft steam heat exchangers can be easily rinsed with water through service openings. The exchangers are cleaned individually, and the full efficiency is available again.

Safety is ensured by exodraft’s proven technology and many years of experience. The heat exchanger is thus protected against overheating.

Rely on professionals

With our know-how in the field of heat exchangers, exodraft is your competent partner when it comes to complete solutions for heat exchangers and heat recovery from steam. This means you get everything from a single source and have only one contact person for the entire heat recovery process. So, if something should happen, you don’t have to browse through long lists, but know directly who to contact.

We at exodraft are experts in this field and know the steam heat exchangers, but more importantly, with all our experience, we know exactly which one will give your company the best result. Which solution makes the most sense for you?

Please feel free to call us or leave your telephone number and we will call you back.

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