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Industrial Food Production

Industrial Food Production

Throughout the world, a variety of different types of food are consumed. A very large proportion of these constitute raw materials for the preparation of food for mass distribution through retail trade. Determining the market size has proved difficult.

Processing and production of food in general requires the supply of thermal energy, which plays an important role in this type of industry. Industries engaged in food processing have ample opportunity to reduce their energy consumption and increase profit margins by using technologies from exodraft.

Mechanical Chimney Draught / Regulation of Chimney Draught to Stabilise the Process and Make Uniform Products

The food processing industry consumes large amounts of heat energy. The production equipment often consumes heat energy, and most of it also emits significant amounts of waste heat. Large quantities of combustion gas and process air are evacuated through piping systems and chimneys, under varying pressure conditions.

exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught continuously optimise the effect and quality of the combustion by constantly maintaining a desired pressure level. This solid control of the process creates the basis for both fuel savings and uniform quality in the final product.

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Heat Recovery from Stoves

Flue gases from stoves are a good source of heat recovery and recycling. exodraft’s heat recovery system is installed directly in the chimney, and the recovered heat can, for example, be stored in buffer tanks for later use.

The heat in the buffer tanks can contribute to preheat dilution water in boilers or can be used with great advantages in any heating or drying activity in the industry. exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught is used in the chimney of the stove.

This improves the power of the stove and minimises fuel consumption. Heat recovery and controlled pressure provide significant savings for the production.

Heat Recovery from Cooking

Numerous industries are engaged in food preparation, which usually requires a large supply of heat energy. Heat can be recovered from the cooking process, minimising fuel consumption.

exodraft’s heat recovery system can be customised for any installation and can be automated if desired. Recovered heat can be recycled immediately at the source or stored in insulated buffer tanks for later use, as needed.

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