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Industrial Heat Exchanger

Industrial heat exchangers have the task of enabling the exchange of thermal energy, which would otherwise be lost, between different material flows. This enables enormous savings in the consumption of primary energy and thus savings in the costs of heating and/or production processes.

Modern industrial heat exchangers can take on a wide variety of forms. Whether for heat transfer to air, water or another medium – the possibilities are endless.

Not only the materials from which thermal energy can be transferred are versatile, but also the areas of application. For example, heat exchangers can be used in the production area to keep certain systems at a constant temperature. However, they can also help with the air conditioning of open-plan offices and in some cases even completely replace heating systems.

Industrial heat exchangers do not only lead to cost reductions in the company, but also testify to a positive environmental awareness of your company. Not only do you use less energy from the outside, which leads to a reduction in emissions, but you also reduce your own emissions.

This is because most heat exchangers not only transfer the energy but also purify the flue gases. The resulting products can often be discharged into the sewer system without any consideration.

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Industrial Heat Exchanger Systems

Depending on the application, different heat exchangers are used. The simplest variant is direct heat transfer.

This is used when material flows can touch each other, when waste products are involved or when they can be easily separated again later. Because direct heat transfer is the most efficient method of converting thermal energy and is used wherever possible. This variant is generally used for cooling towers of all sizes.

If material flows must not be mixed, indirect heat transfer is the right choice.

Separated from each other, industrial heat exchangers of this type offer a high degree of efficiency without contaminating the medium. This form of heat transfer is usually found in radiators, where the heating water flows in the radiator and the heat is released into the circulating air.

A special feature is the semi-indirect heat transfer in which the material flows do not come into direct contact, but instead heat an integrated heat accumulator one after the other or can be heated.

This variant is used, for example, if the thermal energy is to be “recycled” for the same plant.

The right temperature for every requirement

If a certain amount of thermal energy is required, the extent of the amount can be influenced by the geometric guidance of the material flows. For this purpose, control elements are combined with industrial heat exchangers so that the latter always keep the medium at the right temperature. The remaining energy can then be used for other purposes or diverted to the outside.

Everything is possible, from equalizing the temperature of both materials flows to an exchange of almost 100%. Our industrial heat exchangers meet the requirements of every customer.

From extreme temperatures and unusual material flows to individual designs – nowadays any amount of energy can be transferred from one material to another. This means that heat exchangers pay off in offices as well as in heavy industry.

The effectiveness of the technology today is so advanced that almost all the thermal energy can be recovered. Flue gas heat exchangers can even replace heating in offices, as they recycle over 96% of the heat in the flue air and keep rooms pleasantly warm. The same applies to systems that operate at high temperatures, which means that they can be operated at the right temperature for a long time without resorting to primary energy.

Applications for industrial heat exchangers

Whether large bakery, hardening shop, metal processing company or drying plant: For all industries an improvement of the energy efficiency is possible by a heat exchanger.

For example, heat exchangers in ventilation systems ensure a pleasant climate by transferring the temperature of the flue air to the fresh air.

In this way, the required heating output can be reduced and, in some cases, even a dedicated heating system can be dispensed with altogether. An industrial heat exchanger can also initially be used to increase the efficiency of the existing heating system.

By using the residual energy in the resulting flue air, the input temperature can be significantly increased. Due to the lower difference, a lower amount of energy is required, which must be fed in from outside.

Whether the enormously high temperature differences of a hardening shop or the constant material flow of a bakery are available, high-quality industrial heat exchangers always ensure recovery of the otherwise lost energy.

Hidden heat energy can also be used at first glance. For example, data centers generate a large amount of thermal energy – enough to completely replace the heating of a large office, for example.

In the case of sensitive products, a heat exchanger can also ensure a smooth temperature transfer. Hardening plants in particular benefit from this system of infinitely variable temperature adjustment.

High-quality industrial heat exchangers from exodraft

The production of heat exchangers, specially tailored to the requirements of your company, brings many advantages: A high degree of efficiency ensures an effective conversion of the residual energy. A high manufacturing quality ensures a reliable function of your plant and guarantees a long durability of the plant, so that you also profit financially.

Heat exchangers are complex high-tech components. Many factors such as the medium, the flow rate and the temperature differences must be considered for the CAD-supported calculation.

Companies from various industries already successfully rely on individual solutions from exodraft.

Complete solutions from a single source ensure a smooth process, guarantee quality in consulting, installation and maintenance, and thus allow you to save a large amount of energy costs in the company.

exodraft is the right partner for large and small companies, because we know with all our experience exactly what will help you the most.

Which solution fits your requirements?

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