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Heat Recovery In Industry

Saving energy costs is a central issue in many companies. The energy demand is constantly increasing, and the energy costs are growing exponentially. Therefore, waste heat recovery is becoming increasingly important in industry. With today’s technology, more than 16% of energy costs can be saved.

Particularly manufacturing industries such as plastics or metal processing are suffering from sharply rising energy prices. Effective heat recovery makes the company less dependent on energy prices and suddenly rising prices have less impact on production.

Savings in manufacturing are in most cases hardly possible, since large investments are necessary for small amounts of energy savings.

In order to effectively save costs and improve one’s own energy balance, heat recovery can have the desired effect in industry.

The installation of a waste heat recovery system is usually associated with moderate costs, which also pay for themselves within a short time due to the savings.

Advantages of energy recovery

In addition to a significant reduction in energy consumption, heat recovery in industry also brings further advantages. Thus, in addition to the actual energy budget, the connected load can also be reduced, making significantly more favourable conditions possible.

In many cases, further investments can also be dampened by heat recovery. Whether a larger heater or a new chiller – heat recovery can improve both situations or even replace dedicated machines.

A reduction in the temperature difference for comfortable supply air can also make an expensive reheater obsolete. The reduction in net energy consumption also significantly reduces pollutant emissions.

Waste heat recovery also makes sense if replacing old, inefficient systems, such as heating systems, is too expensive. A heat exchanger not only increases the efficiency of existing heating systems, but in some cases can even replace them completely.

Another major advantage is the reduction of substances that may require special disposal. Because with the many flue gas heat exchangers, the flue air is cleaned. For example, pollutants can simply be discharged into the sewage system as part of the wastewater.

A heat exchanger recovers the costs of the installation within a short period of time thanks to the energy saved and is therefore worthwhile not only in energy-intensive industries thanks to the effectiveness of the technology. Even by heating the fresh air through the energy of the flue air as part of an air conditioning system in an office makes sense.

Using waste heat recovery in industry

Heat recovery can be divided into four different application areas. Heat recovery during air exchange has become a standard feature of industrial plants.

Such systems not only ensure an optimal climate for man and machine, but also for the removal of moisture in buildings.

Heat recovery from waste water is mainly of interest to private households, as heat pumps can be used to recover the residual energy from the service water. However, companies from certain industries also benefit from this method, as the energy that would otherwise be lost in the waste water is retained in the production or heating circuit.

Heat recovery from industrial processes is the most promising but also the most individual field. Above all, industries in which many different temperatures are required benefit from solutions in this area that are adapted to the special requirements.

For example, the waste heat from cooling components can be used to preheat tools, or resources such as lubricants or gases can be used as energy sources. The technology in the field of heat recovery is now well advanced. In addition to pure heating power, the waste heat can also be converted into electrical energy and fed into the system.

In special cases, heat recovery with an exothermic reaction can take place. If flammable or partially flammable substances are produced during the manufacturing process, the heat produced by combustion can be used for the individual purposes of the company with the aid of a hot-blast stove.

Increasing efficiency through heat recovery in industry

The advantages of a heat recovery system are obvious: with an energy cost share of over 80% in production, every increase in efficiency helps. Depending on the system used, up to 96% of the previously unused waste heat can be recovered.

The use of this free energy considerably reduces the need for primary energy. Experience shows that costs in this area fall by up to 16%.

By improving the energy balance, CO² emissions are also reduced. In addition to saving energy, an industrial heat recovery system is also environmentally friendly and demonstrates the good environmental awareness of your company. The combination of financial progress and increased environmental friendliness speaks for itself.

The reduction of emissions leads to further savings, especially in heavy industry.

Due to rising energy prices and the danger of an unpredictable, sudden increase, an early switch to industrial heat recovery makes sense. This reduces the dependence on energy prices.

Possible investments in new tools or heating systems can thus be completely saved or at least postponed, as the installation of a heat exchanger increases the efficiency rapidly and can recover up to 96% of the energy and thus recycle it.

Everything from a single source: Your partner for heat recovery

In the manufacture, installation and maintenance of such complex systems, a lot of attention has to be paid to because they are high-tech devices. There are many factors that need to be considered and taken into consideration.

Many companies already rely on the system solutions of exodraft. Industries such as metal and plastics processing or the food industry already use our high-quality flue gas heat exchangers and complete solutions. From consulting to installation to maintenance – with us you get everything from a single source and always know who your contact is.

We at exodraft are experts in the field of heat recovery and specialize in companies in the industrial sector. Therefore, thanks to all our experience, we know exactly what helps your company the most.

Which solution makes sense for exactly your company with its individual requirements?

Please feel free to call us or leave your telephone number and we will call you back. In a personal conversation we will be happy to advise you in order to find the best solution for you together.

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