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Metal Processing

Mechanical Chimney Draught / Regulation of Furnace Chimney Draught

Metal processing require heat generated by furnaces and transferred to the process via radiation, convection or induction. Metal processing requires high temperatures and high fuel consumption.

The fuel consumption in the furnaces can be reduced by exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught, which analyses air temperature and pressure and optimizes the chimney draught.

Mechanical draught control is very reliable and stable due to exodraft’s many years of experience in chimney technology.

The efficiency of the furnace can be greatly improved and the fuel consumption reduced when the chimney draught is optimal and adapted to the furnace specifications. 

Heat Recovery from Furnaces

Flue gases emitted from furnaces can send large amounts of heat into the atmosphere. This heat can be captured and recovered using exodraft’s heat recovery system.

The recovered heat can be reused in the production or used for other purposes. Heat recovery from flue gas combined with mechanical chimney draught can improve the efficiency of the furnace and reduce energy consumption – and thus CO2 emissions. 

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Heat Recovery from Casting Processes

During casting, hot liquid metal is poured into a mould to create the desired item. Heating up the metal to the melting point emits a large amount of excess heat and the casting process itself also gives off excess heat. This excess heat can be recycled.

exodraft’s heat recovery system can be used to recover this heat and store it in a water tank. Our experts can measure and analyse chimneys and thus predict the amount of energy that can be harvested and at the same time calculate the payback period on the entire heat recovery system.

Our team of experts can analyze and calculate the value of the recovered heat and opportunities for energy optimization in the cement industry.

Heat Recovery from Hardening of Items

Heating metals or alloys to the critical point where they are hardened and strengthened requires high temperatures for a specified period of time. The heat generated and consumed by the metal or alloy is also to some extent wasted.

The waste heat from the hardening process can be captured by exodraft’s heat recovery system. The recovered heat can then be stored in a hot water tank and used for other purposes in the production or for room heating, bathwater heating and the like.

Heat Recovery from Hot Extract Air

The metal processing industry requires huge amounts of heat for various processes. The exhaust air from these processes usually carries large amounts of excess energy. exodraft’s heat recovery systems can recover heat from the exhaust air and store this heat in hot water tanks. At the same time, we can regulate the extraction via exodraft’s mechanical chimney draught technology so that energy consumption is kept at an optimal level.

The excess heat is transferred to water, which is heated and passed on to hot water tanks. The heat can then be used for industrial processes or used for activities such as cleaning, bathing water or heating. If the excess amount of surplus heat is greater than what the company itself can use, it is usually an opportunity to sell heat to the district heating supply.

Metal processing is a necessary part in construction, aviation, energy, automotive and many other industries. In the metal processing industry, heat sources are used as one of the elements in constructing the final product manufactured in the above industries.

Heat from many metal processing activities can be recovered and recycled using technologies from exodraft.

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