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exodraft and The UN Sustainable Development Goals

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 main goals and 169 sub-goals. With these goals, the UN member countries have committed to eliminate poverty and hunger, ensure proper education, boost economic growth and reduce inequality.

At exodraft, we take these goals very seriously and do our part to help realize them.

Based on our unique expertise and specialization, we are particularly focused on the following two goals:

The UN Sustainble Development Award 2019

exodraft was in August 2019 nominated for the UN Sustainable Development award in category no. 7 – “Affordable and clean energy”.


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Goal no. 3 – and exodraft’s contribution

” Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development.”

Both our chimney fans and particle filters for wood-burning stoves contribute significantly to the reduction of harmful particles, both within the private home and the outdoors. In other words, our products aid in fostering health and well-being wherever they are installed.


Goal no. 7 – and exodraft’s contribution

”Ensure that everyone has access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy at an affordable price”

Many industries today are faced with having to reduce their energy consumption and minimize their CO2 emissions. This is done by focusing on sustainable energy, which serves to not only reduce energy costs but also protect the environment.

With our heat recovery solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, we help ensure that vast amounts of excess heat can be recovered and used for production processes, internal heating or passed on to private homes via the district heating network.

By focusing on waste heat utilization, up to 90% of the otherwise lost energy can be harnessed.

At exodraft, we are conscious of our surroundings and the climate challenges facing the world and we take pride in doing our part in ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.