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Heat recovery from cement production


Cement is used in the construction industry in different places and for different purposes, and it is the world’s most used building material. Heat is a necessary part of cement production, and heat recovery can reduce energy consumption so that profits are higher. Research is being done on recycling of waste heat from cement plants and there even seems to be an opportunity to generate electricity from waste heat.

Heat recovery of heat developed from sintering processes / rotary kilns

Raw materials enter the rotary kiln and the process requires very high temperatures. There are several processes involved in cement making, but the most energy-intensive process is cement making in an oven where all the raw materials are mixed to form the desired cement composition. This furnace gives off huge amounts of waste heat. Generally, this heat is used for preheating in cement production. exodraft’s heat recovery technology can be another possible solution to using waste heat more efficiently. Exodraft’s modern technology can be used to recover waste heat from the furnace, and the entire process can be monitored using monitors and controllers.

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In addition, exodraft mechanical smoke extractor technology can be used in the stove’s chimney to improve fuel consumption and operational efficiency. The vacuum cleaner and the associated pressure control can analyze the air pressure, temperature and wind conditions and ensure a constant chimney draft for the stove. This can improve fuel burn and reduce fuel costs.

The cement industry is mature in terms of heat recovery systems and exodraft expertise can help improve traditional technologies with easy monitoring and control of energy consumption and balancing of the entire industry. Heat recovered from flue gases from the furnaces can be absorbed and recovered for storage in hot water tanks or it can be used in the cement industry processes. If the heat is not to be used in processes involved in cement manufacture, this heat can be used for other activities such as cleaning, bathing water or heating.

Our team of experts can analyze and calculate the value of the recovered heat and opportunities for energy optimization in the cement industry.

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