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Breweries and Distilleries

Breweries and Distilleries

In 2017, the size of the global alcoholic beverage market was $1.5 trillion and by 2025, it is expected to reach $1.7 trillion. This industry should be kept on a sustainable platform with a minimal CO2 impact on the climate.

Heat Recovery from Brewery and Distillery Processes

Whether it is brewing beer or distilling whiskey, both processes require input and output of heat at different stages. As for beer brewing, there are several stages, but certain crucial stages, such as mashing, require hot water at a temperature of 65°C, for example.

Heat supply is required when boiling the wort, heat is released from the process when cooling the wort, specific temperatures are needed for fermentation of ale and lager beer and finally, ripening of beer in large quantities requires a temperature below 0°C.

In distilleries, malting, mashing and distillation processes also require heat supply. With so much heat required in breweries and distilleries, there is great potential for heat recovery from these processes.

exodraft’s state-of-the-art heat recovery technologies can recover surplus heat from brewery and distillation processes efficiently, conveniently and in a fully automated way.

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Heat Recovery from Sterilisation and Drying of Bottles

Before beer or whiskey is put on glass bottles, the bottles are traditionally sterilised with steam and dried using hot air. Today, chemicals or other technologies are also used for the same process of sterilising the bottles.

Sterilisation and drying of bottles is a heat-intensive process and heat can be recovered from these processes using exodraft’s heat recovery technologies.

Heat Recovery from Boilers

When heat is applied at different stages in the brewing and distillation process, heat generating units such as boilers are also used and they require varying amounts of fuel, depending on power requirements and efficiency.

Chimneys of boilers should be equipped with exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught to minimise fuel consumption and improve the efficiency of the entire process. Heat can also be recovered from flue gases in the chimney and the recovered heat can be stored in a buffer tank for later use.

For example, the heat from a hot water tank can be used in the brewing and distillation processes. Additionally, the accumulated heat energy can be used for industrial bathing facilities, cleaning, heating of offices and other premises, as well as being sold to the district heating system.


In a brewery or distillery, heat energy is consumed at various stages of the process. This is by nature a constant and significant investment in volatile energy. When heat generated in the production of beer or whisky is recovered and reused in the same process, a cost-effective and sustainable production is approached.

exodraft’s technology can pay for itself in 2-3 years, provides savings directly in the production and signals responsibility and climate awareness. Our team of experts are happy to participate on-site in dialogue with the brewery or distillery and analyse the processes where heat is used and potentially can be recovered without compromising the core services of the operation.

Adopting such ground-breaking heat recovery measures in the production of beer and whiskey makes the company a model of sustainability by helping to reduce the industry’s CO2 footprint and creating a more environment-friendly future.

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