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Paper Mills

Paper Mills

The paper and pulp industry is among the largest industries in the world. Growth has been declining in recent years, but is still expected to reach $ 382 billion in 2018. The use of paper has been reduced with the digitisation of written content and therefore in the long term, further decline can be expected.

As it is still one of the world’s largest industries, however, it owes humanity to act sustainably. Heat energy is used in paper mills and exodraft’s heat recovery and mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught can significantly reduce energy consumption here.

Heat Recovery from Pulp Processing (Boiling/Heating)

During processing of biomass pulp in paper mills, heat is supplied from a boiler. Heat from vessels containing pulp can be recovered and reused. exodraft’s heat recovery systems should be installed so that heat from these boilers/heaters is recovered and stored, for example in hot water tanks for later use.

In addition, heat can be recovered from flue gases from the boilers that provide heat for the processing of the paper pulp. Flue gas heat should be recovered using exodraft’s heat recovery system and reused in the same process or elsewhere if that makes better sense.

Additionally, exodraft’s mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught can improve the chimney draught for the boiler, reducing fuel consumption and improving efficiency. All systems are designed to custom specifications and are fully adjustable.

The installation includes ergonomically designed controls and displays, whereby the user can continuously monitor and analyse the heat flow in the system and optimise its function in interaction with the production.

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Heat Recovery from Pulp Drying

Drying paper pulp is another process generating waste heat, which of course can and should be recovered. This can be a recycling process as the same recovered heat can be optimised for drying the pulp. exodraft’s heat recovery systems reduce energy consumption in pulp drying and increase profit margins.

Recovered heat can be stored in a hot water tank and used elsewhere. exodraft is happy to analyse the heat content of the process and advise on the possibilities of installing our technologies in a profitable way, thereby improving the drying process as a whole.


Mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught is used to optimise the air pressure and temperature inside the mill, which improves the efficiency of the heat generating equipment and reduces fuel consumption.

All of exodraft’s technologies can be customised to specific process requirements and are easy to implement and apply. Heat recovered from paper mills can be used in production processes, in industrial cleaning, for bathing and utility water, or for heating.


exodraft’s team of experts will happily visit paper mills, analyse the potential for heat recovery and develop solutions for the best possible use of the recovered heat. Reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency for the entire process is the hallmark of exodraft.

As the paper industry continue to play a large role in our society, more efficient processes are needed to maintain acceptable business conditions. exodraft contributes to meet this need by reducing energy consumption.

Furthermore, paper mills have a high CO2 footprint due to the type of raw materials used, and the installation of exodraft heat recovery technologies will reduce the CO2 footprint and make sustainability in the paper industry an affordable priority.

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