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Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Flue gas is a mixture of exhausted combustions, that is generated mainly through ovens, boilers and large production sites in industrial complexes. Flue gas is normally seen as a waste product by companies and is therefore exhausted into the environment without drawing out the most benefits. Thus, valuable energy in form of heat gets lost and the CO² emissions of a company can rise.

What is a flue gas heat recovery system and how does it work?

A flue gas heat recovery system uses the waste heat within the exhausted flue gas. It can extract valuable heat energy from flue gas and transfer it back into the heat cycle. The system gets installed into the chimney or in the air condition system. The heat recovery system acts as a medium between the exhausted air and the inflowing cold air. It thus heats up the inflowing air and utilizes the heat potential that would normally have been lost and thereby increasing the effectiveness of the already existing heat system. A flue gas heat recovery system is a cheaper option than replacing the whole heating system.

Another positive effect of a flue gas heat recovery system lowers the temperature of the exhausted air and partially filters out damaging pollutants. Flue gas heat recovery systems get more and more efficient. Newest systems can extract 10 % of energy with gas heaters and 5% for oil heaters. A flue gas unit not only works with exhaust but also with air, liquid, and steam. The system overall follows the same procedure as the waste heat recovery unit.

Benefits of a flue gas heat recovery system

As already mentioned previously, a flue gas heat recovery system can have many benefits. Listed below are a few of the main benefits:

  • Lowers the cost and consumption of heat
  • Less energy for the same temperature and heat effectiveness is needed
  • No changes in the uptime of a production
  • Simple installment can be easily retrofitted on preexisting heating facilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Improves your emission rate
  • Higher effectiveness that other solutions (E.g. solar panels)

Who should use a flue gas heat recovery system?

Whether in private households or large industrial production site – a flue gas heat recovery systems are becoming more and more popular, due to the rising energy prices. In addition to saving massively on energy costs, the reduction of CO² emissions plays a major role. By reducing the required energy by up to 16% through a heat recovery system, the exhausted emissions can be drastically reduced as well, which is particularly important in energy-intensive industries.


We could record especially good results with a flue heat recovery system in large industrial bakeries, hardening shops or plastics processing plants. Due to modern manufacturing processes can those industries not avoid high temperatures. Transforming this otherwise wasted energy of up to 96% into reusable heat or even electric power increases the efficiency and economy of the entire production.

Why should you choose Exodraft?

Exodraft is one of the largest producers of flue gas heat recovery systems in whole Europe. The installment of a heat recovery system depends on the location, the setting of the preexisting heating system and the material. Exodraft has extended experiences in developing and installing the newest heat recovery system, with the right dwelling design and size for your specific setting. Exodraft offers excellent customer service and guarantees a perfectly functioning system for every setting. Only experts in the field of heat recovery systems can assess which solution is the best option for the specific setting.

Contact us now and get a free consultation without any obligations – we will find the best solution for you.

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