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Automotive Industry

Automotive Production

The automotive industry is growing steadily and as reached worldwide sales of $3 trillion in 2019. This industry is diverse in terms of the types of vehicles manufactured and sold to the masses. The use of fossil fuels as propellant in this sector represents significant CO2 emissions.

Now we have electric vehicles to replace traditional technology and change the automotive industry’s CO2-positive emissions to CO2-neutral or CO2-negative. The automotive manufacturing industry (traditional or electric) requires heat energy during several processes, and the waste heat from these should, of course, be recovered through the implementation of exodraft heat recovery and exhaust fan technology.

Heat Recovery from Foundries and Furnaces

Foundry processes in the metal and alloy industry require high temperature levels. Certain types of casting require temperatures of up to 1200° and heat loss is inevitable. When moulded items are cooled, considerable radiant heat is emitted, and heat recovery can be advantageously employed here as well.

The heat from furnaces and ovens must be recovered and reused using exodraft’s heat recovery technologies, and the recovered energy can be used wherever there is a heat requirement in the production, for hot water or for ordinary room heating.

By further utilising mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught to automatically regulate air flows, fuel consumption is reduced and efficiency is significantly increased.

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Heat Recovery from Metal Sintering Processes

The temperature of the sintering process is below the melting point of the sintered material, but it is still very high and heat energy is continuously wasted.

Heat released during the sintering process should be recovered by incorporating an exodraft heat recovery system. If flue gases are also emitted from the heating process, it is straightforward to expand the heat recovery to include this.

Heat Recovery from Drying Ovens

Drying ovens, which are widely used in the automotive industry to dry primed or varnished components and complete bodies, require a large supply of heat. It is not possible to avoid heat waste in this process, so implementing heat recovery is the sensible choice.

Piping and chimneys from drying ovens must be optimised with exodraft’s heat recovery system. The recovered heat can e.g. be stored in buffer tanks, from which heat can be drawn freely as needed, directly to the drying process or wherever heat can be most profitably used.

Heat Recovery from Treatment of Extraction Air

Ventilation is widespread in the automotive industry and is used for evacuation of both dangerous vapours, hot air flows, etc. Mechanical exhaust fan technology / chimney draught should be used and will optimise air flow in combustion chambers, ovens, pipes, chimneys and in the factory in general. Heat from extraction air can be recovered and accumulated by incorporating exodraft’s heat recovery technology.


The recovered heat from a process can optimally be fed back to the same process. Alternatively, the heat can be used elsewhere in activities such as cleaning, heating bathing and utility water, heating production, storage, and administration buildings, etc. Only your imagination limits the possibilities, and our team of experts are happy to show up on-site to identify the optimal bespoke solution for you.

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