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Schwarze Bakery

The Schwarze bakery and confectionery near Leipzig, Germany was founded in 1921 by Max Schwarze.

In this modern bakery, fresh and high-quality products are made from traditional recipes and time-honored craftsmanship, but modern and eco-friendly technologies have found a place here too. In 2015, for example, a more efficient heat recovery system for the gas-fired ovens was installed and put into operation.

The exodraft heat recovery system, aided by exodraft chimney fans, ensures a stable, trouble-free and future-proof production in addition to providing the Schwarze bakery with continuous energy savings.

Take advantage of the energy stored in the excess heat from your ovens and use it to warm up water for your heating systems, cleaning equipment, shower facilities and much more.
exodraft plans and supplies the heat recovery system for either flue gas, steam or process heat and subsequently puts it into operation, leaving you to enjoy the benefits.

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