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About us


A clear mission

We at exodraft have a clear mission. We want to develop and sell mechanical exhaust systems and heat recovery systems of the highest quality possible. We make the lives of our customers easier and safer and therefore contribute to a more effective combustion to protect the environment and are able to do this worldwide with great success.

Successful through quality

Our success is based primarily on the expertise of our highly qualified employees in the area of technology, product development, service, foreign languages, marketing and management. On top of that, it is common for exodraft to establish flat and open hierarchies to enable a fast and close dialogue internally as well as with our customers. This way, we make sure that the implementation of our ideas takes as little time as possible.

International and local

exodraft is a Danish company that offers the best variety of products to customers in more than 40 countries. This means that we are the market leader in the area of mechanical exhaust systems and heat recovery systems. Thanks to our local presence, we are always close to our customers. Our branches are located in: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and France. We also have partners in the U.S. and in various European markets. This way, we are able to combine international activities with local engagement.


From fireplaces to industrial furnaces

At first, exodraft concentrated on solutions for private customers. Today, we deliver system solutions from private fireplaces to chimney fans and heat recovery systems for larger industrial plants. Thanks to our effective heat recovery systems, our customers from the industry benefit from immense energy savings.

Complex solutions and a growing demand

In the beginning, the design of our chimney fans was fairly simple but thanks to the rapid progress in technology and design, we were able to offer more effective and more heat-resistant systems. This resulted in an end product that was ready for mass production and helped the company to satisfy the growing demand.

ISO certified quality

At exodraft, we constantly optimize and develop our products further. Quality and documentation are two of the cornerstones for the production of our systems solutions. We are ISO9001 certified and offer detailed manuals which is why we can document our high quality for Danish and international norms at any time. We are used to working with technology that is offering us a better effectivity and safety. exodraft products and systems are making these benefits available to private households as well as to the industry where there is always a demand for safely exhausting smoke and recovering heat from exhaust fumes and steam.

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Direction: New Goals

exodraft is market leader in the area of mechanical exhaust systems and constantly sets new goals to satisfy its high standards for service and innovative solutions. Even in the upcoming decades, exodraft will continue to set the standard for chimney fans and heat recovery systems in the market.

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